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River Ubrique Route,
which follows the course of the river
and offers panoramic views
of the Sierra landscape.

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Tourism in Ubrique: a village surrounded by nature

Ubrique boasts a privileged location between two natural parks, Sierra de Grazalema and Los Alcornocales, and near the Los Hurones Reservoir. Ubrique is part of the White Villages Route of the Sierra de Cádiz. Furthermore, its architecture of white houses adapted to the environment has earned it the status of Cultural Heritage, and its old town has been declared a Historic Site.


Among other things, in Ubrique you can enjoy its tradition as leather manufacturers, as well as numerous hiking trails, delicious gastronomy, and numerous popular festivals.


Hiking Routes in Ubrique: by Bike, on Foot, or on Horseback


In Ubrique, you can enjoy various hiking trails, whether on foot, by bike, or on horseback. Some of these routes include:


  • Callejón de las Mocitas Hiking Trail
  • La Calzada Romana de Ubrique to Benaocaz Hiking Trail
  • Mojón de la Víbora Hiking Trail
  • Puerto Calvito Hiking Trail




Ubrique: Its Monuments and Archaeological Sites


The town of Ubrique is located between the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, whose history has left its mark on Ubrique.

  • Archaeological Site of Ocuri
  • Church of Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno
  • Castle of Fátima
  • Fountain of the Nine Pipes
  • Ubrique Town Hall
  • Casa Dintel, Manor House, Santamaría Building



Leather and Fashion in Ubrique: Craftsmanship and Design


Ubrique is known as the capital of leather products. As early as the 18th century, there were several leather factories following the Muslim tradition of leather goods. Since then, this local industry has developed, and today it is one of the largest leatherworking hubs in Europe. You’ll find many factories and stores selling leather products such as wallets, handbags, jackets, shoes, and more.


Tel (+34) 956 466805


Avda. Sierra de Ubrique Nª1, Ubrique – 11600 Ubrique (Cádiz) España

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